Saturday, July 23, 2011

Momma Got Lost in the Cell Phone


Odie here. That's me, above, getting my teeth brushed.

I don't talk a lot; mostly just wag my tail and look cute, 'cause that's what pleases my Mommas (and gets me treats).

However, I have to tell you about the terrible thing that happened to Momma Carol. This is the honest to God truth:

Momma Carol got stuck in the cell phone!

It's happened before but she always got out pretty quick. This time she was gone for 12 whole days!

Well, I think it was 12. You see, I really can't count past 2.

Once or twice a day my other momma would talk to her, and she would let me listen, but no matter how hard she tried Momma Carol couldn't get out of that phone.

I listened. I looked at the door to the office, where she is often sitting by the computer. I looked at her car, but she never got out and came into the house.

It was awful.

My other momma said Momma Carol was "at Grandma's house." I don't know what that means.

By all my observations, she was stuck in that darn cell phone! I know it. I could hear her there!

Then one glorious day, just out of the blue, she was knocking on our front door and hollering at me. I couldn't believe it; I was so excited I 'bout wagged my tail off and almost peed on the floor (most embarrassing)!

So, Momma Carol is home again and I can sit on the couch next to here and lie on the bed and watch her sleep. Life is glorious again!

Momma Carol says she has lots to talk about on this here blog, as soon as she gets organized. She's got pictures and all.

Just as soon as she goes through the mail and unpacks her suitcase.

I was sooooo happy to see my Momma back at home!


Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

HA ha!!! I DO love the way that Odie writes!!!! Glad you got home safely. So, come back soon, ok?
Love ya!
Jude *

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home okay. I was afraid you were still sitting in a construction zone on I-79. Tell Odie we want you to visit here again soon and maybe he can come, too.