Sunday, July 3, 2011

Froggie News - Disaster Hits Fort Lauderdale

Breaking News From Frangipani Pond in Fort Lauderdale:  Disaster struck today in Frangipani Pond (named after Brad and Angelina Frangipani, prolific propagators of froggie progeny). At about 9:00 this morning, Frangipani Pond was infiltrated by poisonous chemicals, leading to the disastrous demise of thousands of tadpoles and young frogs.

The details - as reported by four young frogs who miraculously survived - are sketchy, but this is what we can report:

The poison spread immediately to every corner of the pond, and froggies and tadpoles jumped and crawled to dry land as best they could. Some faced a second threat, THE NET, but THE NET could not move fast enough to catch most of our folks.

Froggies who survived did so by clinging to the blue and white cliffs on the edge of the pond, and a few clung to a floating yellow island, but many of our brothers and sisters succumbed to the fumes and the strong current which took them down stream and trapped them in a small pool which some know of as THE BUCKET.

Survivors, now homeless, are thanking the Great Frog God for their deliverance, and ask sympathetic readers to send donations to: Frangipani Frog Relief, c/o Faith Shoemaker, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Faith, we are told, is a CAT, but can nonetheless be trusted with the money.

For more news of froggie doings in Fort Lauderdale, we refer you to this story: Daredevil Froggie Kisses Ugly Princess - Disastrous Result.

(Ed note:  We neglected our back yard swimming pool to the point that it became populated with tadpoles. Caroline tried to fish them out with the net, but they swam and jumped away from it. When she finally gave up and put in the chemicals we had a "mini holocaust." It was very sad - and messy. We have resolved to take better care of the pool in the future.)

And how was your day?


Jude said...

OMG! How funny! You really need to write children's books with your very own illustrations! You could really make some very good money at this, I am sure!
My day was lacking in drama for which I am quite grateful. We took out some underbrush at the edge of our yard and I raked very dead, heavy and rotting leaves to clean the space so grass will grow. Gradually reclaiming the yard from the woods. I also created a fabulous rock pile sculpture. If you live in a rocky place, don't complain, use the rocks to make art! Tthere will be photos on my blog in the future.

KathyB said...

Yes, I like your new 'header" picture. You really can spin a tale. I had no idea when I started reading, that this fantasy had a true story behind it all. -- oh my! That was funny ... a true tragic comedy of the critter world.