Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Escaping Reality

The Reality is I fly out of here on Saturday, headed for parts North.

I need to finish a couple of painting jobs and then pack, but I got my "druthers":

I "druther" draw pictures. Fantasy:

The Leprechaun and the Wolves
 Caroline and I watched a movie called "Skellig The Owl Man," a fantasy based on a children's book. That's what I was doing when I drew the leprechaun.

Don't remember what was going on when this came out:

Old Man of the Mountain Grows a Tree, or
Now I Know Why My Nose Has Been Hurting

And then things started making sense again:

Waiting In Line At The Carousel

All of the above will be available on FineArtAmerica, of course.

And now I better get back to my chores.....!

1 comment:

KathyB said...

Another fascinating group of drawings! Do you see what I see, that even your inanimate designs come alive on the paper!?? Evidently, (maybe unknowingly) you magically animate them all. Yet another fascinating aspect of your work! I do so love them. Keep drawing, Carol. They are so special!