Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've been playing with my blog design a bit. Something I've been trying to include is a little game, like "Bubbles" that I had before. I'm not totally thrilled with what I've found so far (see right ----> ).

If you wish to try it and comment, please do. I only know what it does on my computer.

When I was recently on vacation, I went to Boston to visit with my sons. I stayed at the best bed & breakfast in town (thank you Andy) and ate at some really nice restaurants.

But the very best part was hangin' with two of the finest young men in the world! Also, my wonderful daughter-in-law, and another young lady who would be a great daughter-in-law also and - always the star of the show - Penny the pug!

I'm looking for interesting blogs about Boston so I can feature them here. It's a wonderful city.

On the home front, I can't wait to tell you about the terrific coleslaw I made recently:

Wedding Bouquet

Oops, that's not it! My mind wanders.

Let's try it again:

The ingredients: Cabbage (1/2), carrots(4) and apples(2).

The equipment: Tupperware Quick Chef

I chopped everything in small batches and mixed it up with a bit of purchased coleslaw dressing and there I had it - a super simple, very easy salad.

It was so much fun I went ahead and chopped up a couple of raw potatoes, skins and all, for hash browns. The hash browns were good, but next time I'll add an onion - yum!

That's it for now, except I have to say this, to our representatives in Washington: "Why can't we all just get along?" (Thank you, Rodney King).

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Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

Not a fan of cabbage here but it does look good! We took our trusty salad shooter over to Mother's yesterday and chopped up a head of cabbage for her to have cole slaw also. Must be the season!
Jude *