Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sorry for the Long Absence

After the triple whammy of a back injury, a respiratory infection and shingles I had one more trial - a $300 plumbing emergency. I'm sorry, but no one should have to wake up to an overflowing toilet. My determination to maintain a positive attitude cracked a little that day.

However, better days followed. We had a fun birthday party for Caroline. Nine people filled our little house and ate a dinner of baked chicken, bow tie pasta, and gigantic, make-your-own salads. The youngest guests were three little girls aged 8, 10 and 11. And what healthy appetites they had!

Happy Birthday Caroline
So, Caroline celebrated her 50th, but she's really a kid at heart, which is handy if you teach first grade. The first graders will soon be making Mother's Day gifts, and I have volunteered to help. Below are my raw materials for this project:

Mother's Day Books - Materials

Under Faith's supervision (she's found a new hideout, in the hall linen closet) I am attempting to get back on track. I've started several drawings, but finished none of them so far. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post them. Here's hoping you're having a wonderful day! And to my readers up north, enjoy the crocus and daffodils; I wish I could be there to see them!

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Thought I was gonna have to go down there and find you! Hi Faith! You are a pretty one aren't you.
Those flowes are beautiful!!! However, glad you are better but really needing to see some artwork here! Soon!
Love you,
Jude *