Monday, April 11, 2011

"Farmville" and Other Artistic Endeavors

Detail from my Family Farm
Yes, I play Farmville.

In fact, I have 2 "farms." My original farm is a big ol' American corporate farm: Efficient, highly productive, and nobody's "home."

My other "farm" is a family farm in Great Britain, with gardens and ducks, cows and pigs, and horses. And, of course, a Pub.

This "game" is not competitive. Players progress through levels by sharing goods, helping their neighbors, visiting and working on neighbors' farms, etc. That's nice.

But the nicest part is that it's so pretty. I can arrange the various parts of the farm, create gardens, barnyards, orchards and so on. It even comes with music and sound effects.

Very relaxing.

My "Corporate" Farm
Besides, for this retired lady, there are certain benefits:
  • maintaining eye-hand coordination
  • improving short term memory
  • meeting new "friends" and "neighbors" (real people, in cyberspace)
  • engaging in uplifting activity on days when I don't have the energy for other things
  • and besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of bars - so there!
I still have time for drawing. The picture below I finished last night while watching Black Swan, a fascinating, disturbing and really amazing movie by the way.

And, no, my housekeeping is not the best - 'cause I'm too busy enjoying life.

River Goddess
So, to all my readers, follow your own Goddess or God, and live life your own way!

(sounds like Charlie Sheen....)


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is lovely! Now, I want to see more art on all different colors of paper. ok? I LOVE them!

Jude * (who still doesn't "get" the farm thingie. I must have some missing gene or something)

KB in BR said...

River Goddess is magical. I think when you doodle, your subconscious must take over. Your drawings fascinate me. Thanks for another treat, Carol.

Carol Shoemaker said...

You know when you're doing something and you just feel so "right"? That's it.

And wait 'til you see the next 2....!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...2 more! Hurry!
Jude *