Sunday, April 17, 2011

I tried to get as much picture as I could with the fewest lines.

What do you think?

Can you see the lady?

In the next picture, I had too many lines, and some were just not right, causing the picture to lose focus.

So, since it was already compromised, I decided to experiment with a cut and patch.

It's an idea I will continue to utilize. It may lead to something nice.

It's always fun to try something different.

Now, here we are finally. Can you see the critter?

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I see it! The critter is running up the hill! I love these!
Jude *

KathyB said...

OMG Carol. How do you do that?! Both are wonderful, as usual!

Also, ... there's a brand new website where anyone may go log in and post their own original poems. So, check it out and maybe ... write a poem.

Anonymous said...

I can only write bawdy limericks...:)