Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pen and Paper Meditation

Caroline gave me a couple of really nice pens out of her teacher stash.

I continue to refine my search for the perfect materials, and each improvement is celebrated.

I'm also taking note of my surroundings, state of mind, people around me, etc. These things influence the emotinal tone of my drawings.

Last week I was drawing in a doctor's office. And yesterday I found myself in a medical environment again. This time it was the hospital, because Caroline had a medical problem and surgery. She's home now, and doing very well. I, on the other hand, am exhausted.

I tell her, she got two days of R&R and morphine. What did I get? A lot of sitting in hard chairs in waiting rooms.

Seriously, we both agreed that this hospital is exceptionally good. It is decorated in earth tones to promote healing, and is staffed with friendly and professional employees who seem to like working there.

In this "healing environment," while Caroline coped with dressings and IV's and all, I kept her company and created the following two drawings. I present to you, in a meditative way:

Seven Mile Bridge


Pink and Green in the City

If you need a little more peace in your life, meditate.
And then - create!


Anonymous said...

Give Caroline my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your drawings are fantastic! When are you going to find a gallery to display/sell them? The organic lines are so soothing and 'meditative'.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Carol, these just get better and better and better! I absolutely felt a calmness when I saw the first one. It is just wonderful! I hope you have all of these in a very special and safe place. They are irreplacable! (sp)
Jude *

Carol Shoemaker said...

Yes, they are in a safe place (more or less) and I'm investigating options. FYI: "Seven Mile Bridge" refers to the bridge on the way to Key West - get it?