Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Word From Faith

Hate to admit it out loud, but I had a wonderful Christmas vacation!

First of all, my Momma Carol got red socks for Christmas. Now, I know some humans think we Cats can't see color, but they are dead wrong when it comes to RED. I had so much fun playin' with that red sock, you don't even know!

An' then there's the shiny ornaments. They decorate a tree just for me every year - isn't that nice? A whole year is a long time to wait for my special toy, but I make the most of it while it's here, an' I'm so thankful to my humans for doing that for me. I think they enjoy it too, 'cause they become very animated when I play with my tree.

I'd be mad 'bout them takin' down the tree, but I know that's just the beginning, 'cause every January my mommas re-arrange the furniture, an' that's the best fun.

It's like the Olympics decathlon. I start at the garage door and run an' jump from box to pile to chair to table an' on and on clear to the other end of the house! Along the way I get to try out new high spots an' play with vases and lamps and pictures I haven't seen since last year;  that is, I play up there 'til somebody shoos me away an' moves whatever I used to get up there - darn!

An' the dust - ooh, the dust! It's like our own little Florida snowstorm! They stir up dust an' cat hairs 'til even I get into sneezing fits! Momma Carol gets grossed out 'cause she says nobody taught me how to use a Kleenex. Hey, not my fault I was born in a barn and raised in an animal shelter!

This uproar is going to go on for awhile, but the kitchen is pretty well set, at least as far as furniture is concerned. Momma Carol took this picture of our tiny pantry 'cause she wants to show off all her new blue plastic. See how pretty?

As for me, I'm kinda worn out for now. Think I'll have a little nap with brother Odie an' Momma Caroline.

Momma Carol does a lot of "resting" in front of the computer. She thinks I don't know it, but she plays "Farmville" a lot!

She did something clever today: She turned "Celebration" on its side an' re-named it "Manta." Do you think it looks like a manta ray?


Manta Ray


Anonymous said...

Wow! Faith writes better than you do! And yes, it does look like a Manta Ray and Ii LOVE it!
Jude *

Carol Shoemaker said...

I'll share the royalties with her....!

Anonymous said...

Carol, how do you do that? Your Manta is fantastic! Your lines are so fluid and organic. Do more, please. They're very calming, and I want a whole collection.

Dee Martin said...

I love the Manta and your blog is delightful! Thank you so much for the link in the sidebar :)

Carol Shoemaker said...

Thank you. I enjoy your poetry as well, very much.

Anonymous said...'s been over a week. Somebody here better be talkin' and pretty damn soon! Faith! Go get her up!
Jude *