Friday, January 21, 2011

Smiley - Beneath Her Umbrella

This is a complicated lady. The more I look at her the more confused I am about her (my) feelings:

Smiley - Beneath Her Umbrella
Drawing is a wonderful way to focus after a busy day, and today was one of those days. I picked up Beth at 2:00 and we went to the grocery store. When we got back I packaged everything up and then fixed supper. I was all worn out by then, but it's a good feeling to have the kitchen well stocked and in order. This is my second grocery trip this month. I have to pick up a few things at Target and that's it 'til February. I'm making progress on my goal to spend less time (and money) on groceries.

Here's a neat trick if you like a little bacon now and then but don't want to buy the whole package because you overdo it and it's expensive. Open the package and separate the bacon strips. Roll each strip up in a coil and place the little rolls in a single layer in a freezer container. Whenever you need a little bacon for flavoring, they are easily removed one by one. Take as many as you need and return the container to the freezer. This may seem silly to some, but I love it because otherwise I'll cook the whole package at once, which is bad for the budget, my cholesterol levels and calorie intake. There is, after all, minimal food value in bacon.

Tomorrow is leftovers, otherwise known as clean the refrigerator day. Then on Sunday - pot roast, yum!

I'll make it in the crock pot so I can get started on that new baby quilt I mentioned yesterday.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Smiley looks frantic, and about to fall apart. Love the bacon idea! How clever you are. Mom will use this I think. Oh, leftover day is called "the week in review" around here
Jude *