Monday, January 10, 2011

January Projects

Above My Desk
I've added another interesting blog to my list on the right - Patchwork Times.

It seems like some of these quilting ladies are very productive. Like, completing a new quilt every week. Could that be so?

They're a whole lot better organized than I am!

I would love to surround myself with all those beautiful quilts. But, at that point, would I feel like it was a Job? No thanks; I'll go at my own pace.

So here are some of the projects and ideas I'm working on currently:

Finish two baby quilts for showers at Caroline's school.

Finish a baby pillow for little Matthew, my new great nephew. It's not for his bed; it's a firm "propping up" pillow for the car seat or whatever.

Finish a quilt I started last April, promised to Caroline.

Finish a pillow for Beth's bed.

Walk on my treadmill again - yes, I do have one, recently rescued from a corner and dusted!

Make a little music on my keyboard - got one of those too, enshrined under plastic for several years since its last use.

I've already cleaned off my desk. This is "neat" by my standards:

Notice the large red object? It's a "Wonder File." You've seen it on TV:

Assuming I get around to setting it up and, assuming the kitchen table is clear when I need it - hey, maybe it will help. A bit of advice if you buy one: Get the sturdier version, which is NOT two for 19.99! Or wait for me to put instructions here for making one.

I'm nearly done with the first baby quilt. It's machine quilted "in the ditch" and now I'm ready to hem. Please ignore the basting stitches which I haven't taken out yet:

Quilting and TV. This is Retirement!
I like having a number of projects in process at one time. It keeps things interesting.

Or it keeps me spinning, which is OK too:

For those who noticed and were concerned: I intend to get back to my usual posting schedule, which is maybe not daily, but at least five times a week. I need the discipline of writing every day - you know, like Steven King and those guys.

I love comments, so keep 'em coming.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank gawd! Thought you ran off to the Bahamas (which sounds really nice to those of us under yet another blanket of "lake effect snow".)
I love your list. Without lists, either written or running in my head, I would never get anything done. Having a plan makes all the difference in productivity!
Go forth and "do" (grin)
Jude *