Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye bye 2010

So, how did you spend New Years Eve?

We spent it quietly, as usual.

With a few changes. Usually I'm asleep before the ball drops, I'm such an old lady. This year, Caroline dozed off, and so did Odie (blame the Benedryl) and Faith, leaving me the only one awake. Happy New Year Me!! (Not really; I woke 'em all up!)

I spent the evening watching episodes of "Firefly" (thanks Paul and Kristin), and drawing this:

Celebration 2010
Outside, the noise is still going on. People around here just love fireworks! And, tragically, some of them take it a step further and shoot guns into the air.

Those people flunked physics and don't know that, "What goes up must come down."

I don't get it about the noise anyways. Now, the visual, that's sometimes breathtaking! And it's great to see the whole world - most of humanity - celebrating together (sort of, time zone wise):



Hong Kong



And, because Caroline gave me a web cam for Christmas, here's a new picture of me for 2011:

Hey, at least I'm smiling. That's 'cause I'm talking to you!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love your new photo! You look 10 years younger. That means retirement is really good for you!
We spent the evening quietly also. Managed to make it to midnight, then toasted the year with champagne, a fabulous pear from a fruit box from Erin, and some mini gingerbread cakes. Yummy! Yeah, this is gonna be a great year!
Jude *