Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love my job! No, it's not full time, but I do get PAID to do it. And what do I do? I go to parties. Tupperware's a good company, has been around since 1946. Here's the proof:
Y'know, I think I see Grandma McGill - front row on the right.

This selling business is about the easiest thing I've ever done. I go to the house and set up my wares:
Then all I do is talk. Anyone who knows me knows that there's no problem there. Sometimes the talk is more like a discussion, since the guests may know more about the product than I do. Sometimes we play an informal little game And  usually there's some food prep involved - like, I've been making salsa lately. And of course, we talk about all the wonderful uses of Tupperware, like:
Muzzle the cat

Capture a bat

Create still life compositions

It's a whole lot more fun than what I used to do - and THEY PAY ME. I've become the Tupperware Lady, but I'm still looking for an image. What do you think of this?
Or is this more me?
I've always believed that people should enjoy their work. Maybe not 100%, but there has to be some satisfaction to it, considering how much time people spend working.

So, if you hate your job, keep looking for one you like better. If you never find it at least you tried. And when you get enough years in (or enough money in the bank) you can retire and do whatever you want, knowing that you have a security cushion to guard against - should I say it - failure?

Life is to be LIVED, so GO OUT AND LIVE IT!

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(hey)Jude said...

Well, I think a head shot of the real you, with a stack of bowls on your head and a cup in each hand would do it for me! (I love the cat muzzle).
Jude *