Friday, November 19, 2010

He's Back Again!

We bought a new refrigerator last August and I think this little guy came with it.

I've done everything I could think of to get him (or her) out of my kitchen. Every morning he emerges from under the fridge and looks out of the french double doors leading to the back yard, yearning to be outside. And I'm yearning to put him outside!

Go to the light Little One! Enter the Great Outdoors!

One day I tried to help him. I corralled the cat in the garage (she's not allowed outside) and propped the french doors wide open. Then I pushed the fridge a bit. This action uncovered my lizard but I learned immediately that he's not too bright. He scuttled under the fridge instead of heading into the light, missing his opportunity to be free in the great outdoors. Instead, he hides again!

I didn't give up. I moved the fridge again. This time the crock pot fell off the fridge and landed on my head. Well, I've got a hard head (in more ways than one), so I gave it one more try, but I think by this time poor little lizard was terrified, what with all the noise and commotion. After that I couldn't find him; he was probably clutching the innards of the fridge in total terror.

That was a couple of months ago. I've had a few sightings since then but when he hears me coming, he splits. He won't stand still for a picture, declining the fame and fortune and honor available to him by being on my Blog. I actually had to scavenge these pictures off of  the Internet.

He's been here so long, I think he should be paying rent.

He needs to get a job!

I've been wondering how big he's going to get, what he's eating (dog food? bugs?), what the life span of a lizard is.

I've also been wondering why Missy Faith  is such a lousy hunter!

And, most importantly, I've been wondering what I should name the little guy, since he clearly is here to stay!

Any suggestions?

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jude said...

Oh my! How funny! And your writing is just fabulous! I think his name is "Shadow".
Jude **