Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Many Projects, So Little Time

In addition to the Recipe Book I'm working on, here's a little more of what's keeping my Meadville visit varied and busy:

The newest member of the family is little Paige. I got to hold her today. She didn't like me much, or maybe I've just lost my touch with babies.

I whispered in her ear. Told her to give me a call when she's 15 - heh, heh!

Now, on to another project. Meadville has a wonder ful JoAnn's fabric store, and you know I just can't go in there without buying something. This time, some cute molds caught my eye. I got the idea to make some sort of doll item. Here are my supplies:

I made four faces from the mold, out of Sculpey clay. And now I'm sewing and decorating. More on that later.

And, finally, I turned my little smart fish on his side and he became a pelican. What do you think?

Mother made a cozy fire in the fireplace so I'm going to go enjoy it with her now.

Bye bye - and count your blessings, every one - for there are many less fortunate than you!


Anonymous said...

Love the "fish/pelican/fish/pelican/fis/pelica/fi/pelic/f/peli/_ /pel
PELICAN WON !!!!!! Yea!! We have a winner!! We have a title!! tee, hee, hee, ...just having a little fun with ya.
...(I better go take my pills now ...)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.........