Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No, I Haven't Named Her

Remember the molds and fabric I showed you the other day?

Well, after a lot of stitching and glueing and painting, I ended up with this little doll:

She's just under 6 inches tall. The trim is baby rick rack and embroidery, and she is filled with Poly Pellets, which makes her a sort of bean bag.

I think she's cute enough to go on her good looks, but if you think she should work, well:
  1. She could be a pin cushion.
  2. She could sit on a dresser and hold safety pins and brooches.
  3. She could be a paper weight on your desk.
She is not a toy.

She is not washable.

While I was making her I remembered the "wash cloth dolly" I made for Beth when she was a baby. It's a quick and easy project made from 2 or 3 wash cloths and a small circle of white cotton or cotton blend. It has no small parts to cause choking and it is completely machine washable. It is ideal for very small babies & toddlers.

So - now I want to make a wash cloth dolly.

Trouble is, I have 3 more molded faces; I really ought to use them first....!

Story of my life: I always have a bunch of projects going. And difficulty completing them.

But here's my challenge to you: If you're not presently cutting, carving, painting, drawing, glueing, sewing or tying something - well - get to it!

It'll take your mind off things, I promise.

It's kept me outa the loony bin - really!


KathyB said...

She is sooooo cute! I vote that she doesn't have to work. Can't she just be retired?

What if you just did the other 2 faces as pins to wear. ... a little hair ... a felt hat ... a flower in her hair ...etc. Maybe Beth would like a specific doll head pin. (clown face, princess with a crown, "Beth's head and hair" , etc.) Have Fun!! Luv ya

Carol Shoemaker said...

Yes! Little doll head pins! I LOVE that idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Me too! Make more! And, btw, you really can't have too many projects!
Jude *

Anonymous said...

The dolls are dear, and pins or pedants on ribbon, etc. would be great. If you want lace, ribbon, etc. check my stash first. :) If you run out of people to wear them, let me know.

KathyB said...

Just dropped by to tell you that I now have a tracker that connects to my website, So when anyone drops by to see what they can do with their scraps
I'll be able to see how many people I'm sharing with. Wow! what cool technology!