Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Every ass loves to hear himself bray. - Proverb of Unknown Origin

Florida Governor Rick Scott

I don't like our new governor at all. They say he's the darling of the Tea Party. I say he's a tempest in a teapot!

Also, "Close your mouth, Rick. You're catching flies!" He always has his mouth open.

Mr. Scott is a millionaire - or a billionaire - let's just say he has a lot of money. In order to understand how the wealthy think, I've tried to imagine their daily lives. Must go something like this:

Breakfast on the patio, served by my cook, who cleans up the dishes after. My maid makes the bed. Another servant lays out my clothes for the day and puts clean towels in the bath, etc.

My day is surrounded by people who tell me what I want to hear, acquire for me what I want to possess, do for me what I want done.

If I have any problems, I throw money at them:
  • Cars, appliances, houses get old and ugly - no matter, I replace them.
  • I or a family member gets sick - no problem, I find the best doctor money can buy.
  • Someone I love is unhappy, addicted, depressed - easy, I send them to a treatment center for a good long time.
  • I get bored - I travel.
  • I need a special favor for my business - I call the politician I contributed big bucks to last election.
I'm not saying rich people are dishonest, greedy, or cold-hearted, any more than the rest of us. But they clearly don't know how the people feel when;
  • Even the stuff on sale at the grocery store is way too expensive.
  • The last week of the month is spent making do until the Social Security check and Food Stamps allotment arrive on the first.
  • The car broke down, there's no money to fix it, and getting to work by bus involves 2 transfers and 90 minutes travel time, sometimes in stormy weather.
  • The "managed care" doctor requires certain tests and won't allow others, and puts on blinders to ignore complaints that don't fit into the insurance company's protocol.
If you're not rich you may not have the worries of the poor either, but many of us are not that far away from "poor" - just one paycheck, as they say. So we are concerned about public services, social security, affordable health care, etc.

The rich? All they need is good roads, good airports, a strong military and plenty of jails.

So, that's who our new governor is talking to. And I'm not listening.


Anonymous said...

Well! ,,,,well said......

Carol Shoemaker said...

Thank you (freedom of speech and all that, right?)

Anonymous said...

See you soon!