Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Change of Scenery

Sometimes I'm very contrary:

When everyone else goes left, I go right.

When the rest are going up I'm going down.

And when folks are heading South, I'm on my way North!

So - I got into Meadville yesterday and found - surprise! - SNOW!

Oooh, so cold! This Florida Girl was freezing!

But my nephew-in-law brought his wife's winter coat when he picked me up, and when we got to my Mother's house he cleared a path in the snow so I wouldn't get my sneaker-clad feet wet. Now, that's a gentleman!

So now that I'm here, we'll see what transpires - artistically and otherwise. I've already designed a cookbook cover for Mom:

There will be more about this wonderful cookbook later.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I love this! I was hoping you brought your art supplies with you! When i come over I want you to show me how you crete your pieces!
Jude *

KathyB said...

Yep, I'd say you're crazy to go North in March, but .... I'd love to be there with Mom, Suzie, & Judy too. Have fun. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

And Kathy, we're glad she's here. Wish you were, too. Stay tuned for more on that cookbook. Wish we could make 'originals' of the recipes. So many memories.