Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seeds In Love

Imagine a couple of seeds finding each other, falling in love, and creating a family of trees - or daisies - or carrots, whatever.

Some years back, people were putting electrodes on their house plants and talking to them. There was a philosophical movement about respecting the emotional life of all living things.

Hey, I believe animals have feelings. I'm not so sure about plants. But who's to say, right?

What if what we call life is just a petri dish in some giant alien's lab? Does that make it any less important to we who are living it?

Fun to think about.


Anonymous said... sweet are the seeds!

KathyB said...

So, Carol, your cartoons are fun and also made with your beautiful lines! ( I'm not sure about the biology of this. tee hee hee. but what fun! )

I really love the drawings done with black marker best. Your lines are exquisite!

!!Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!