Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Improvement

Been busy this past week. First of all, we finally got the bathroom painted. It's very hard to take pictures in such a small room, but here are my "before" and "after":

Before - paint falling on my head in shower

Before - pealing paint, tiles missing

After - Yay!

Does this last one look better? "In person," it's about a thousand percent cleaner, brighter, etc. The painter is good at his job and a nice person! We found him by asking the manager (owner?) of the local paint store (note to self: stop in to thank him, and buy something).

Then our wonderful painter found a tile guy who tiled the floor and repaired/replaced tiles on the wall. Here's the best picture I could get of that result. First, the before:

Yuck. And, Yikes!
What you can't see here is that in addition to the missing tiles there were 25 or so loose ones, and I mean about to fall on one's bare toes loose! It's not nice to have a scary bathroom in one's house.

So here's the "after":

Our house was built in 1957, so matching these original wall tiles was impossible. However, we now have a nice neat, not falling down bathroom so I am grateful for small blessings. The pink bathtub stays, for now (sigh).

And my thanks go out anonymously to Winn Dixie, McDonald's and Burger King for accommodating us on the day we could not use our one and only bathroom at home - if you know what I mean....!

Coming very soon: Painting the kitchen table (in my own unique way)!

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