Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Food

I made valentine pancakes for breakfast:

Red food coloring and a hot griddle, that's all it is.

And we all know food equals love, right?

Is there any holiday that doesn't have food attached to it? I suppose the custom goes back to hunter gatherer societies who had a big party whenever the men came back with the caribou. Sarah Palin's still holding those parties, and who can blame her.

Gets pretty boring living on nuts and berries all the time.

So it's an innate human trait to mix food and celebration. Why, just the other night we had Chinese and I celebrated with a picture:

There's no accounting for how my brain works....!


Anonymous said...

No accoounting indeed! And I LOVE how it works! Happy Valentine's Day!
Jude *

KB in BR said...

Wow, another very cool drawing.
Just think, Carol, each drawing is something which never existed before. Simply by creating it, you've introduced a new visual thought into the world. In my opinion, each one is a little treasure. So thanks. Keep drawing!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!