Friday, February 11, 2011

Purple Dishpan Hands

This is what 60 white T-shirts looks like.

I thought that was going to be it and then Caroline told me we were doing them for all five first grade classes - 102 in all! Thus began the tye-dye project, otherwise known as the three days of domestic chaos.

The task was to dye the shirts in groups of about 20, in green, purple, red, orange and blue.

First, the tying, which Caroline did. That big bag of Office Max rubber bands worked well.

I did the dying in buckets and dishpans. No way was I going to put dye in my washing machine. I've gotten into enough trouble putting bleach in the washer. Maybe other people get away with it, but my washer conspires to save just a drop or two and deposits it several loads later on something brand new. I kid you not.

So - I was Ms. Washer Woman for 3 days, with buckets, dishpans and the bathtub. And, yes I used gloves, but they're such a pain, so I took them off during the rinsing process.

Monday was blue/green fingernails.

Tuesday, a lovely shade of yellow.

Wednesday, purplish red.

But I'm such a fashionista, as you know. It really mattered....!

Now here's the fun part - cutting off the rubber bands:

I did give in and do the final rinse in the washing machine. Time will tell whether this was a wise decision, but I was so tired of rinsing and wringing by then that I decided to take a chance on it. I'll let you know if Mr. Washer objects colorfully to that decision.

Dried in the dryer, folded neatly, ready to go:

I am definitely not a dying expert, but I think they turned out OK. I am told the children were very cute, looking like 100 lively easter eggs on the school playing field.

Should've gone to take a picture, but dealing with a hundred little kids is not for me, thanks.

Now - back to my baby quilts! Ahhh!



Anonymous said...

Apparently you ARE a dyeing expert! Those are just beautiful!
Jude *

Carol Shoemaker said...'re too kind. But thanks!

Anonymous said...

They're wonderful. I, too, would prefer to use buckets, etc. How does bleach manage to hide through 3 washes of whites and then land on the darks?

Carol Shoemaker said...

One of the mysteries of life!