Monday, December 27, 2010

"You're the best teacher I ever had!"

First, quantity: The lower the grade, the more gifts.Kindergarten teachers make out like bandits; High school, mmm....not so much!

Then there's the cuteness factor. Caroline got the most adorable notes from her little learners:

"Dear teacher: You look as prity as a pinscase xoxoxoxoxo"

(on a colorful home made card): "Marey Cristmiss, Everyone and Happy Holleday!!! Love you"

(on a tiny envelope, in very small print, for a first-grader): "I hope You be my teacher for next year xoxoxo"

Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs there is.

Teaching the littlest ones goes double, but the sacrifices are forgotten at least for the moment when those sweet little faces smile their broadest and sticky little hands present hand drawn cards with original sentiments.

Mind you: That's not enough to take me back into the classroom, but I am very grateful to all the wonderful, hard working and generous teachers we have out there. Without them, we wouldn't last long as a civilization.

And isn't this just the cutest?
The snowman is holding a blanket for teacher, because sometimes the classroom is too cold.

I hope you got the presents you wished for and - more importantly - saw the people you wanted to see this holiday season.

And a special message to those enduring the blizzard today: Keep digging (but not too hard); this too shall end!

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