Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Baby Quilt

Yeah, this is the beginning of a piece about making a baby quilt. Here's the honest truth: I'm a disorganized human with probably lower than average energy levels, so when I get into a sewing project this is usually what happens to supper.

On the up side, two of us eat heartily for about $20, including leftovers.

On the down side, I have no idea about the nutritional value, and I feel guilty about all the packaging. I do put the plastic containers in the recycle, but it would be better if I didn't use them at all (sigh).

OK - back to the baby quilt. If you've never made a quilt before, start with something really simple. This one is two colors - one print and one plain - and made of 5 inch squares.

So far, so good, right?

Guess what! I hate to cut out quilt blocks.

Here's how I solve that problem. I cut strips, sew the strips together, and then cut strips again. Like this:

6 strips, 5" by at least 40", 3 plain, 3 print

By the way, the seams should be about 1/4 inch, but the exact width doesn't matter, just be consistent. Now here's the second cut. You'll have some uneven edges left over after you cut your 8 across strips. Those can be seen at the bottom of the photo:

8 strips, 6 squares long, 3 plain & 3 print

You want alternating squares, like this, so an adjustment needs to be made which involves ripping out seams.

Take two of the strips and rip out some of the seams. I don't like this part one bit, but it beats measuring and cutting 48 five inch squares. Just be careful not to stretch the fabric while tearing out the seams.

Sew the extra squares so that you end up with six strips which now have 8 alternating print and plain squares. Then sew the strips together and your quilt top is done:

6 strips, 8 squares each, 4 plain & 4 print

That's as far as I am tonight. By the way, the tan fabric behind this is what I picked out for the backing. Tomorrow I'll add light batting and the backing.

I have some ideas for finishing this quilt to make it extra cute.

Maybe pizza for dinner tomorrow.

Or, maybe I'll get a little bit organized and put together a crock pot dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for chicken roasted in the crockpot. If you REALLY want to know the nutritional information on your takeout, many chain restaurants have that information online. You could ckeck and see....:)
Jude *