Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

When I grow up I'm going to make an interesting quilt like this:

I borrowed this image from Kathy's Quilts. Please check out her blog to see some really beautiful work.

I'm looking forward to January and making something more complicated than the baby quilts - or maybe just making a more complicated baby quilt.

It's been a while since I challenged myself. The last was almost a year ago when I started a course in Medical Transcription at the local vocational school. I enjoyed it, but had to work very hard to keep up with the class. Learning new things used to be easy, but it seems now I have CRS Disease (Can't Remember S---!).

Anyway, that was not the reason I quit the class. I quit because it turned out that the cost was much higher than I had expected, what with purchasing a transcription machine and software, etc. I decided it didn't make much sense to be spending all that money if my goal was just to work in the field part time.

So, after some down time looking after the house (happily!), I then embarked on the Tupperware project. Tupperware has been enjoyable and profitable. Since signing on in October I have earned some extra cash and collected lots of great plastic. I also learned something about this type of company, and myself.

Companies like Tupperware have a "pyramid" structure, by which status and income increase according to how many people you bring in under you. As soon as I signed on, I was encouraged to bring other people into the business. Not a bad thing, but I was interested in the bowls and boxes, and really have no interest in being a manager or team leader, etc.

For much of my life I've been  a government worker, a "public servant," and a social worker. Success in my line of work was always defined by my ability to help people. Instead of scrambling to acquire money and power, I was expected to give away the money, and "empower" my clients.

Which explains why I'm a liberal Democrat.

I suspect that successful Tupperware reps are strongly conservative and Republican.

All this is to say that my venture with Tupperware will soon be ending. I still say it's a good company with a fabulous product. But selling it just isn't a very good fit for me.

I can't complain. Look at my Modular Mates:

I have more stuff coming this week - Freezer mates! It's going to be so much fun getting my kitchen organized!

Thinking of the class thing and the Tupperware thing, do I feel like a quitter? Only a little bit. I prefer to define myself as adventurous and courageous; someone who is willing to try new experiences and learn new skills.

Besides - life's too short.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like 2 well thoughtout good decisions. And, I LOVE all that blue plastic! I do think your next money making adventure is to sell your beautiful artwork. Have you looked into CafePress? Time to do some research. Also, for a small investment, you could think about creating a small line of greeting cards to sell to speciality stores in your area. Be sure, however, to sell them (wholesale) and don't get taken in by the consignment thing. Get your money and move on. Just something to think about...
Jude **

Anonymous said...

Making some extra bucks from being artistic is a great way to go. I'd avoid CafePress though as I've recently learned they've got some strange clauses in their use agreement. For instance, a friend of mine found some of his t-shirt artwork for sale on eBay by them directly without his knowledge.

If you can deal with the shipping and packing end of things, Etsy ( has worked out well for a couple of my friends and we've gotten some great gifts from there over the last couple years.


Carol Shoemaker said...

Thank you for your comments! Caroline knows about Etsy and I know Kathy worked with Cafe Press, so I'll ask her what her experience was. I'll be sure and do my research - and read the fine print - before I decide. Kathy is also giving me some good ideas on presentation of the drawings - printing, matting, framing, etc. Love your encouragement. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Kristin says CafePress is a good way to go for print or photograph because they've got a good connection with some great framing/matting resources that are very professional.


Anonymous said...

"And a new artist emerges on the horizon " (grin).
Jude *