Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preparing for Christmas Florida Style

Back Yard
Tyler mowed the lawn for us this morning, because tomorrow we're having young guests who will be playing in the back yard. It's a little too cool for swimming, but the pool's not ready anyway. Swimming pools require a lot of work, hardly worth it in my mind!

I don't think I'll ever get used to the constant cutting required here in the sub-tropics. We're forever trimming trees and bushes, and tearing out ugly weeds. The one positive to this is at least I get some outdoor exercise with the weeding.

Front Yard
I'm not complaining, remembering what it's like up north this time of year:

Beth Bringing in Grandma's Mail
But don't let anyone tell you we don't have the "Christmas Spirit" here! With a Florida flavor of course, meaning lots of lights! I'm not so good at night time photography, so I've copied a few photos from the local newspapers, for your enjoyment:

We do have our tree up, but it needs a few more decorations. Maybe our young guests tomorrow would like to help finish it. I'll try to remember to take pictures....

So, Happy Holidays, All! Am I "ready" yet? Are you kidding????


Anonymous said...

LOVE the holiday photos. I am all decorated and busy putting up things, like cookies, in the freezer for the gift exchange party on the 26th. Right now I am dismayed at the piles of snow. We are totally snowed in at the moment and I am frustrated as I have 18 pillowcases ready to deliver to the hospital and can't get out! Guess I will go bake.....

Carol Shoemaker said...

Good idea always - but tell me, how do you keep "guess I will go and bake" from turning into "guess I'll eat"? Please send photos of your decorations. Can you add them to a comment? I don't know; I'm new at this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, when I bake I hold out a couple for Roy and I and put the rest of whatever it is in the freezer for a later date. Seems to make it last longer! Can't put photos here but I can put them on MY blog. (note to self: take pics).