Thursday, December 9, 2010

This 'N That

This could be me: Spotless white apron over perfectly pressed dress (tiny waist), in spotlessly clean kitchen with the sweetest smile on my face!

I call it the Valium smile. Check out a few 1960's movies and you'll know what I mean. Check out the video of Jackie Kennedy's tour of the White House (you can find it online) and you'll see and hear that smile. I'm not saying Jackie was on Valium, but a whole lot of women were in those days. It helped, to handle the stresses of the time. Women were still supposed to be content with the wife and mother thing, even though their world was beginning to turn upside down with themes of racial and gender equality.

And, those were the early days of Tupperware - ergo the above illustration.

Tupperware, the product, has changed a lot since then. The catalogues, however, are still populated with beautiful, smiling models.

I haven't sold much Tupperware lately. Seems like nobody wants to have a party before Christmas. But January's coming, folks, with a lot of great specials especially on storage items. Call me!

Now, progress on my current project, the baby quilt:

Buying batting can be confusing. I have only two rules:
  • Go with thin - this is 1/8" thick

  • Buy it on sale - see the big red sticker?
This bag cost me $11 and is enough batting for at least 6 baby quilts.

I cut the batting for this quilt to about 34" by 46". -It's best to start out with a generous size just in case it's not exactly square, etc. I know I'll be trimming it as I assemble the quilt and decide on the width of the border/hem.

I cut the backing for my quilt to about 36" by 48".

You will assemble your quilt by laying the batting on top of the backing, centering it carefully, and laying the quilt top, nicely centered, on top of the batting. And you will do this - if you are me - on the smallest of small kitchen tables. Never fear, it can be done.

Notice the mop handles behind the table? Just a reminder of what I should probably be doing instead of playing around with fabric. That's what Mother calls having your "druthers" (I druther do___ than ___!).

This is as far as I got today on the quilt. My day was filled with 6 or 7 loads of laundry and a very good movie (they go together, you know, to make folding less of a chore).

When I grow up, I'll be more efficient and harder working, and I'll make big quilts like my Mother makes!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you really need a bigger quilt table. Maybe one of those 6 ft long ones from Walmart that folds up in half and has a carrying handle. I have one that I can handle by myself. Tell Santa.....

Carol Shoemaker said...

To be fair, there is a leaf for this table, but it takes 2 people to put it in, so I usually find myself using it without (poor planning on my part). I've become quite creative in my measuring, etc. By the way, Kathy's Quilts (see favorites on the right) has a "design wall" I think she calls it. That I should do!