Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Now You Know

OK. Two people (out of the three or four who might be reading this - sigh) have noticed a spelling error in my blog title. Talk about embarrassment! Why, there might eventually be millions of people out there who will see my monumental mistake! This is worse than a third grade spelling bee. And I remember those well; I would just about pee my pants whenever the teacher kicked me off the stage. The shame of it!

So, underwear issues aside, what do I do now?

My computer savvy friends probably have some idea of how complicated (or not) this thing might be. I really don't, but I suspect that because I've typed the offending word in about a dozen places on it might not be wise, or easy, to change it. So for now I thank you, Jude and K.B. and I will go on, typo and all.

And how many of the rest of you didn't even notice???

At least a first blog isn't like a first child. When I was a young mother I learned that hospitals do not allow returns, so we were stuck with our own little screamer. Having happily raised 3 by now (kids, that is, not blogs), I've developed a lot of patience and persistence. And by the way, kids, you turned out Super OK!

Besides which: The only way to avoid mistakes is to not do anything.

So, I greatly appreciate the encouragement that's coming from one corner in particular, but I would love to hear from anyone else who's reading. I'm easy to mold: If you tell me what you like best, you'll get more of it.

Tomorrow is set - a favorite recipe - so come back and see me, OK?

Don't Be Chicken!


KathyB said...

I love the tone of your writings. So who could be chicken? This is all so approachable. So, about this beautiful chicken, ... What a cool paint/sketch this would make. (without the bars of the cage) How moldable are you? Please lay a little art on us. ... when you're ready. One thing for sure - you certainly offer up variety! You surprise me with every entry. Thanks

Carol Shoemaker said...

Coming up soon: Dancing With The Stars!Hint: Remember the drawing I sent you?

(hey)Jude said...

Oh goody! Bring on the art work!!! Regarding the "spelling event" (grin), it is easy to fix. Just go back to your dashboard, click on design and then click on the edit word for your header. Then type it correctly. (tee hee). Isn't living in blogland fun? Like walkin' around nekid!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Carol
Love the blog. And yes, I saw the spelling error but was too polite to mention it. Should I have? Still, it's an eyecatcher and might be useful. You know stores sometimes put a misspelled word or a backward letter in an ad or on a sign just to get people to take a second look.
Keep writing, thinking, cooking, and even cleaning (only as needed).
Love, Suzie

KB in BR said...

What's wrong with this picture???? ... Someone's missing. : (
Keep up the good work Carol. I look forward to this peek inside your brain everyday. Love you all!

Carol Shoemaker said...

You mean Chris? Gotta get her up to speed - techwise!