Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Addition

Faith speaks:

Y'know, they just won't leave well enough alone!

When I adopted these two mommas, there was a dog in their house already. The dog refused to leave, so I have been nice enough to let him stay.

But now they've done it. They've really done it!

Last week they brought home a puppy.

That thing piddles and poops everywhere, barks at me, and even had the nerve to sneak up behind me, with her tail waggin', like it was a game or something!

The first time she piddled in the living room I covered it up with my own pee and that made Momma Carol very angry. Well - if you don't want my help - OK, I won't do that again!

I explain to this dog with every creative growl and hiss that I know, and I've bopped her on the head a couple of times too, but she just won't leave.

Man, can she let out a yelp - somewhere an octave above high C - so loud and so high that I'll bet they can hear it for miles! She does that when I bop her one - heh, heh.

I'm tellin' ya, she'd better learn her place around here or there's gonna be blood!

Faith's momma (Carol) speaks:

No, there won't be blood, Faith.

The new puppy is Chica. Chica is a street child from Puerto Rico. We were told that there are a lot of dogs there who run loose on the streets and don't use birth control (shame!). Chica was three months old and weighed seven and a half pounds when we adopted her. She's very lovable but also quite feisty. She just won't back down from Faith.

Faith comes to me and "talks" about her unhappiness, in a variety of growls and whines. I feel for her. She's getting extra petting and brushing these days to make up for her stress.

I have no doubt Faith will continue to be the "Alpha" here, and the puppy will survive, and peace will prevail once more, but for now the adjustment is quite entertaining.

I also believe that eventually piddles and poops will learn that outside is where you put it!

Family Nap Time (dogs)
Family Nap Time (Alpha Cat)

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Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

heh, heh.......I'm with Faith! You know, cats rule and dogs drool.

So glad you have a new puppy though..I know you have been wanting one! btw, that Faith is a mighty fine writer (grin). Give her a treat from me, ok?