Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, You're In The Right Place

How do you like my new header?

It's symbolic of my tendency to escape into fantasy whenever I get the chance. That, and, Caroline brought home these kits for making cute little fuzzy critters. Here's the whole crowd:

I chose the lady in the tutu, but I do so love the doggie with the green eyes! The following picture would have made a good header, but it was too long - took too long to load, that is. It suggests, though, how I feel about housework:

I'm way too little for this big job!
Over the weekend Beth and I watched "The Incredible Shrinking Woman." I think it stuck in my mind....!

Or, it could be the fumes. You see, today I started staining a book case. When it's done, it will sit in the kitchen and hold about twice as much as our old "pantry" did. You may notice the stacks of canned goods, etc. on the table; it's been like that for a week and I'm sick of looking at it. The book case this stuff came out of is actually a book case again, in our spare bedroom / office.

We do this every summer - move stuff and re-arrange everything.

Caroline says it's the best way to clean.

To which I say - why clean?

If it weren't for her, I'd just sit in the dust and draw. Here you go:

Trying To Keep Up

And, I bought some nice PENCILS at the art store the other day. My first effort:

Growing Like a Weed 2
"An' that's all there is 'cause there ain't no more,"

Says Faith.

Gotta feed her.

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Jude said...

Oh yes! The pencils! Look at all that fabulous shading! Yes, this is the new direction and I LOVE it! Isn't shading fun???
Bring on more shading.....more, more, more!
Love ya,
Jude *
(see you soon!)