Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Find Peace Despite the Tornadoes

Well I woke up this morning to the awful news of tornadoes in Missouri. Again, we are reminded of how unpredictable life is, and how fragile.

Someone wrote a book once called Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. Since I never read the book I don't know the author's answer, but as a social worker and counselor, I have tried to get people to understand this:

Without sadness, there would be no joy;

Without worry, we could not experience relief;

Without chaos, we would not recognize peace;


All life, literature, philosophy and religions try to teach us these things.

And sci fi, too.

Personally, I pay close attention to the lessons learned by Spock, the logical Vulcan on Star Trek, and Data, the android on Star Trek Next Generation. Hey, that's what speaks to me.

As do these strange meanderings by my pen:

These meditations (drawings) bring me peace and balance.

How do you find peace and balance?


KB in Baton Rouge said...

A psychiatrist could hang these in her office. Much better than a rorschach ink blot test! ... during the 'hurricane Katrina debacle' all of us down here were emotionally distressed, depressed, etc. (Yes, even me) The only way I found relief was by drawing. I do understand. I think you and Spock have the right view. Luvya. Keep drawing!

Anonymous said...

Good question: for me it is important to vary my daily activities. I get bored if I lock into one thing. So, I sew and paint and cook and clean (a bit) and read and watch TV. All or almost all of these every day. this keeps me interested in the day and excited about the next task. Additional activities will soon appear on my blog!