Sunday, May 8, 2011


Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.  ~Dan Rather

So - I sent in 4 submissions to Life Is Art to see if they might think my stuff is any good.

Seeking approval for something so personal is a scary thing.

Here are the pieces I chose:

I Heart Trees

The Dancers



Choosing just four out of so many was not easy, and how do I know anyway what might appeal to others? Some designs had to be eliminated because of the condition of the original.

And there are a few favorite originals which I seem to have misplaced, but they'll turn up eventually, maybe for my next try.

Last time I entered an art contest was the Viscose Christmas Coloring Contest in 1952. I won, but it was a bit of a cheat, because I submitted a picture which had been started by my sister. I finished her picture and won a prize (first, I think).

It's about time I learned whether I can go it on my own, ya think?

In the meantime - because I promised to show you - here's Faith in her new playhouse. She declined decorations saying, "I'd rather live in a cardboard box."

Do something courageous today, OK?


Anonymous said...

OMG..Faith made me laugh out loud!!!! She looks sooooo...regal?I think you picked 4 really good pieces. My fav of those 4 is the dancing couple. It is so fluid!
I did do something couragous today. I tried, and succeeded, in creating a series of tiger lily paintings that look very real; like with shape and shadow and all that stuff! I used oil pastels on cotton colored/patterned fabric fused to interfacing. when the entire piece is finished it will be on my blog. I have a ton of new ideas now! (Like I needed more). Good luck on your submissions. Actually, the bravest part of this whole thing was telling us you submitted, and then having to tell us the results, good or bad. THAT was brave!
Love you!
Jude *

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Hope the judges can see what we all see in your art. If I had to choose one I like more it would be Sophistication. Love them all, though. Good choices.

KathyB said...

I think you picked good pics, Carol, and I'm glad you're stepping out now! It does take courage. I just went to the LIFE IS ART website. Sounds like a great place to start. So, ...while you are waiting, have you found another interesting show to enter? When you hear back from this first show, wouldn't it be cool to have yet another one under consideration? I believe your work can hang at several places at once. How cool would that be?! ... artist Carol! You have what it takes! I'm so proud of you.