Thursday, September 22, 2011

"If you be outside....

....'n you see it comin'....


- advice from Lottie Williams, only person known to have been hit by a piece of space debris ( in 1997, weighing about 6 pounds)

The Sky is Falling!
 So this thing is supposed to rain down on our heads Friday afternoon and as I write this they don't know where.

They said yesterday a person's chances of being hit are about 1 in 3,200. Better than having a car accident; much better than buying a winning lottery ticket...


And they're saying today that there will be about 26 pieces that will actually make it through the atmosphere.

And the largest will be about 300 pounds!

OK - hmmm....

If you're religious, I'd suggest prayer.

If you believe in karma - ah - do a good deed today. Maybe two.

If you're an optimist, make plans for the weekend.

If you're a pessimist, organize your desk and lay out your will.

If you're depressed, go back to bed and wish it to be over soon.

If you're paranoid, put on your tin foil hat and keep an eye on the sky.

If you're Henny Penny, go tell the King - and don't talk to wolves on the way.

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Boggles the mind doesn't it - a 300 lb piece of space junk!

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Jude Ongley-Mowris said...

HAHAHA!!!! YOu DO make me laugh! So, I had no idea this was coming....because the rock I live under didn't tell me. Now I have to worry about something! Damn....